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Widen your reach with Delivery & Takeaway EPOS

Now, like never before, everyone is turning to takeaway & delivery. Employ a takeaway EPOS to get ahead of the game.

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takeaway epos system
takeaway epos system

Online sales on your own website or using third-party services?! Connect it to your takeaway EPOS


Make the most of or even bypass the third party services and keep your money in your own pocket.

1 Seamlessly manage your online sales and inventory with takeaway EPOS
2 Accept direct orders with no commission deductions
3 Connect directly with your customers to improve your PR
4 Make online sales, curb-side pick-ups among other contactless delivery methods

Who doesn’t love repeat customers?! But how can you gain a loyal customer base?


Make the most of our takeaway EPOS system to develop customer loyalty.

1 Market directly to your customer’s phones. Fully GDPR compliant
2 Bank rewards based on purchases
3 Grant a point or stamp when the customer purchases
4 Give out cards no more!
takeaway epos system
takeaway epos system

Reach out to your customers in the easiest, fastest and most manageable way


Just like takeaway, delivery is on its way to being the safety net of hospitality and retail businesses. Use a sophisticated takeaway EPOS that lets you easily manage your drivers or riders.

1 No more detouring is allowed
2 Ensure the driver is working as effectively as possible
3 Help your delivery team pick the correct paths
4 Maximise your KPI
Want to dig dipper on how our selection of EPOS solutions can benefit your delivery & takeaway?

Let your customers order and check out themselves using self-service kiosk tills


Looking for an extra hand to serve your hungry customers? Cut down on your queues at the busiest times.

1 Scale up to self-service solutions
2 An all in one device
3 Allow your customers to order and pay on the spot
4 Free up your and your team’s time to focus on the food
takeaway epos system
takeaway epos system

Let your cooks know what to cook in an instant. Provide them with a kitchen screen


Takeaway and delivery are all about speed. An EPOS system with a kitchen screen takes care of that.

1 Accelerate the process of taking and preparing orders
2 Work on multiple orders at the same time
3 Aid your cooks to easily see the total number of items on the list
4 Improve on the small mistakes that are nibbling away at your profit margins
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