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Streamline your staff management with Selected Time

It is a straightforward app that helps with overall staff management. Manage everything regarding your employees literally at your fingertips. Have it on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

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Create an automatic and foolproof channel for clock-in & clock-out


Keep full control over your staff attendance and payroll process. Oversee some management processes easily such as:

1  Adjust timesheets on the fly with your app
2  Get notified when an employee is late for work
3  Ensure the correct information gets sent to payroll
4  Track, record and inspect your staff’s clock-ins/outs

Stay in the know of your labour costs


Gather the right data to make the right decision. Clear up any fuzz.

1  Find probable discrepancies
2  Control labour costs to increase your bottom line
3  Keep track of employee overtime and paid hour.

Keep your business from dishonest practices


Of course, you trust your team. Yet it doesn’t hurt to have a safety net against a wild card.

1  Record Breaks and avoid overuse
2  Prevent your staff from clocking in early
3  Geo-fence the clock-ins to prevent slope-off
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Take the hassle out of scheduling and Rota process


Start scheduling for different parts of your operation in one place and with ease.

1  Build your schedule in minutes for free
2  Just drag & drop to make your own Rota
3  Simply load templates and click to add new shifts

Maximise coordination all across your establishment


Don’t let any time conflict get in your way to growth. Fight it with our app.

1  Manage multiple schedules and worksites all in one place
2  Empower employees with tools to request their time off
3  Get notification about time conflicts
4  Avoid conflicts and errors from the start
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