Your Bar or Nightclub on fast track with an intuitive EPOS System

Speed up! With straightforward bar EPOS systems, give your bartenders peace of mind to focus on creating unforgettable vibes.

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Sell more with a user-friendly bar EPOS System


Satisfy the impatient clientele by inputting and processing a transaction much faster.

1Shorten your queues
2Reduce the training time
3Increase rounds by dealing faster with each transaction
4Shed the headache for your servers with a simple app

Let all your bartenders know what to mix with what


Get all of your recipes and allergens associated with your cocktails so any bartender can print off a recipe card to use on his products.

1Have a step-by-step breakdown the preparation process of specific drinks
2Always deliver the right mixture of cocktails
3Let your new staff members master the drinks in the blink of an eye
4Alert your staff and guests about any allergens
bar nightclub pos
bar nightclub pos

Just lift a finger to do a stock-take


The Nightclub and bar EPOS systems we have selected offer you an automatic stock-take solution.

1Lift the burden off your staff with an automatic tool
2Say goodbye to usual human errors for good
3Leave the hassle of counting to your bar EPOS system
4Get notified when the ingredients used in your drinks or cocktails are low
Want to dig dipper on how our selection of EPOS solutions can benefit your bar or nightclub?

Know where you can make the most money


Take control of your customer’s membership system straight from your EPOS system and keep track of loyalty and use the breakdowns on your reports.

1Know your regulars
2Learn your most popular menu items
3Know when to offer happy hours or discounts
4Turn your first-timers to loyal frequenters
bar nightclub pos
bar nightclub pos

Run your VIP table service at your fingertips


Make the best out of your VIP Section with a table management system that allows you to add and keep track of products & bottle service.

1Deliver smoother to the patrons in VIP to make them loyal VIP folks
2Host delightful events while serving the non-VIP patrons without a hitch
3Manage your VIP section, be it in a different story or a partitioned area, seamlessly
4Be alerted as soon as the VIP-seated patrons request an order
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