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Can I rent an EPOS system from Selected EPOS?
Yes, you can. We have different options for different businesses. In fact, if you are a pop-up store or want to save on the start-up expenses of your venue, our rental option works the best for you.

EPOS stands for electronic point of sale. As the name implies, it is a device which you use to make a sale. However, there is more to it. In addition to sale and payment, they allow stock-taking, overseeing staff performances, periodical accounting, and streamlining operations all across your venue, etc.

It depends on your industry and what you want to use it for. However, it generally helps with managing your business by offering an all-in-one solution. In a nutshell, it makes your life and that of your staff and customers easier.

The benefits are countless. Among many things, EPOS systems allow a business to quickly identify which products are selling well, cut down on long queues, store all the business data in one place, eliminate errors much quicker than a person.

Yes. We do have special offers with the greatest discounts in the industry. In fact, we are having one right now. A rental special offer with 3-month rent-free period and £250 as the down payment. Later on, you will be charged only a weekly £25 subscription. Plus, you can become a referrer to enjoy a 3-month payment holiday.

Can I buy only the EPOS software?
Yes, you can. If for any reason, you don’t need the hardware, we have the software only option on hand.

Honestly there is no best for all. Only the best for your business. So, you have to know your business needs first. Our experts can help you with that. Just request a callback.

It depends on many factors. Things like the brand you choose, for what industry you want it, how many peripherals are you buying, whether you rent it or buy it outright have much impact on the price.

Yes, you can. Selected EPOS systems can be bought outright. If you don’t want to cut the ongoing costs, the outright purchase is the best option for your business.

Yes, we do. The hardware is on the table in case you need it. In fact, we have an EPOS tool kit to offer, including a cash drawer, printer, 10-inch tablet, and payment terminal.

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Can Are EPOS systems worth the price?
EPOS systems are more like an investment than an overhead. They pay for themselves within a short period of time. The money-saving benefits outdo the costs. They prove to be one of the assets of any business using them. So, all in all, if selected wisely and used to their full potentials, they are indeed worth the price.

You have to first your business inside out. Then looking around in the market. Our experts can help you with that. Simply get in touch to have free advice on the types of EPOS system you need.

Actually, it doesn’t matter what kind of devices you are using. Our EPOS systems work on all devices and platforms.

Yes, of course. Our EPOS systems are multiplatform, meaning they work on any device.

Having signed up for or special rental offer, you can then spread the words and let others reap the same benefits as you have. Then you will become a referrer and qualify for a 3-month payment holiday.

Do I have to buy the entire EPOS software or I can buy different standalone modules?
Some of EPOS systems we offer are developed in and comprised of various software modules. You can sign up for all of them or some of them based on your needs and preference.

Basically, you just need your device to have an operating system. Be it IOS, Android, Window, MAC, etc. our selection of EPOS systems work on them equally as efficient.

Technically our EPOS systems work both online and offline. And if your internet connection fails, your data will be stored in a queue until you are reconnected. Then your data will get uploaded right away.

Yes, you can. In case you want to customise your purchase based on your business requirements, you contact us and request a quote. We will then provide you with one shortly.

We’ve ensured that our EPOS systems will not go anywhere any time soon. They are the most cutting-edge systems on the market and are consistent with the latest needs of your hospitality business.

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Can I integrate Selected EPOS software with third-party services?
Of course, you can. Our EPOS systems allow for third-party integrations. From your business website through to giant online services such as Deliveroo, or Just Eats you will be able to connect them to your EPOS system, making the most of various tools without a hitch.

You can have as many as devices (so-called peripherals) connected to your EPOS system.

Yes, they are. We believe that a solution must grow with the challenges of a given business. So you can rest assure that our EPOS systems will answer your new needs resulting from your expansion.

Yes, you can integrate your websites with your Selected EPOS software. You can also make the most of our booking system to be able to promote your business on social media, allowing your audience to book your tables and services beforehand.

In short, you can manage your entire venue from the back office. You can do a lot ranging from comparing yearly/monthly accounting reports to changing menu items and setting access level for each individual.

What kinds of credit card processing do your EPOS systems support?
All types of processing including swipe cards, Chip & PIN and NFC payment are supported. In case you are renting an EPOS system or want to make the most of 24/7 support, you will pay a weekly/monthly amount. Also, if you plan on using some certain services, you will need to pay a subscription.

As you can tell by so many reports from our clients on Trustpilot, our EPOS systems feature the most intuitive software among the competitions. Just quoting a client: “changing a product takes less than 10 seconds”

Yes, of course. The stock control that comes with our EPOS systems is among the most detailed and thorough tools out there. You will be even able to view how much of a specific ingredient is used in a given dish.

Yes, it does. Our software will provide you with all the gears you need to manage your establishment including attendance tools.

Among many other competitive edges, our feature-rich and multi-platform software with economical prices help us stand out.

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Do you have out-of-hour support?
Yes, we do. Our dedicated support team are by your side, regardless of what time it is. However, you will be charged extra for out-of-hour support.

You will get full support for the software and hardware components. If you run into any problem, just through to us or drop a line.

You can simply contact us and demand a free online or offline demo.

Yes, you can. Just tell us you prefer using your old systems and you are good to go. Our EPOS software help is designed to work on any device with any operating system. So your old devices won’t be a problem whatsoever.

Yes, they are. Our printers leave you the options to either connect them to your desktop on your countertop or print using tablets wirelessly from anywhere.

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