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Part of Selected Group;  the parent company of various leading businesses in a range of industries such as IT and education in the UK. Having been long in the software industry, Selected Group equip businesses of any size with software and hardware solutions to grow big and become viable.


Put your data in one device, pick it up from another. Our selection includes only those EPOS systems that offer Cloud-based capabilities.


One software, all devices. You will not be stuck with a measly handful of costly devices. Pick any devices and enjoy our selection of EPOS systems.


EPOS has never been so economical. Save huge amount of money with the most affordable EPOS solutions on the market. Also stay alert as we put out special offers with huge discounts.

Economical Price
Fast and Easy to Learn
Cloud-based Software
Multiple Platforms
Detailed Reports & Analytics
Contactless ordering
Ultimate Customisation
Order to table
3rd Party Integration
Bookings & Reservations
Business Reports
Rota & Scheduling
Clock in/out
Shift & Task Swap
Overtime control
36+ YEARS in the POS Industry

We know how EPOS systems and your hospitality and retail business work. So, we offer you what you need, not just what’s been built.

Which one are you?
bar in selectedepos.com

Speed is the secret of a successful bar. In addition to boosting your speed, an EPOS system helps your bar staff concentrate on serving drinks and interacting with one another easily. A well-Selected EPOS system will help you make the control of your products an automatic process, get all of your recipes and allergens associated with your cocktails, keep recorded evidence of your cash drawer & Till use with a CCTV solution, and take control of your customer’s membership.

  • Stock Control
  • Easy to learn, even easier to Master
  • Cocktail Recipes
  • CCTV
  • Membership Management

To help you increase the productivity and growth in this competitive sector, your well Selected EPOS system enables your everyday workload with fast transactions that keep you in control forever. With cutting-edge tools you can get a higher return rate by using loyalty cards, QR systems & smartphone apps, change items’ names and price, plus much more with a simple click of a button on your phone or tablet, and place your items, meals or other services online to improve your sales with offices and residences around you.

  • Loyalty Systems
  • Intuitive interface
  • Menu Management
  • Floor Plan Management
  • Online Ordering System
cafe in selectedepos.com
takeway in selectedepos.com

EPOS systems empower your daily operation by tackling the industry giants like Deliveroo, Just Eat and Uber eats to reclaim control over your sales, commissions and stock management. You can then bypass the chains of third party services by setting your own online shop, keep track of your customer base, give rewards for their loyalty and advertise to them, track drivers through an advance dispatch system, allow your customers to order and pay themselves, and manage your kitchen smoothly.

  • Driver Tracking
  • Online Shop
  • Self Service / Kiosk Tills
  • Intuitive
  • Kitchen Screen
  • Loyalty Systems

Quality Food and environment make customers return. All popular restaurants have one thing in common, a great experience which can be guaranteed by purchasing the right POS system. With an EPOS system for restaurants, you can control your stock, allocate tables, split bills by price or items, process a transaction without any previous knowledge, keep your customers enticed and eager to return, work on multiple orders at the same time, and reduce waste and even eliminate theft.

  • Floor Plan
  • Easy Full Control
  • User-friendly
  • Loyalty Systems
  • Kitchen Screen
  • Inventory Management
  • Table Bookings
restaurant in selectedepos.com
full service in selectedepos.com

Full service is all about offering a great experience. Faster speed adds to the great experience. A kitchen screen makes you fast. Diners are looking for next-level service. Be the one they wish to dine at. Get the best out of your staff by equipping them with an easy-to-use and comprehensive EPOS system. Get all of your recipes and allergens associated with your food and drinks so any kitchen staff can print off a recipe card to use on his products. Make better-informed decisions with data gathered from your point of sale.

  • Offline Mode
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Kitchen Screens
  • Stock Control
  • Split Bill

From a small local fast food to a franchise, all quick services need an EPOS system to operate quickly and efficiently. Quick service does not do customers any good if it is not quick. Speed up your operation while maintaining the quality. Employ an EPOS system to know your selling points. Keep track of your customers’ ever-changing buying behaviours. All in all, If you want to grow you need a scalable epos system that grows with you.

  • Offline Mode
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Kitchen Screens
  • Franchise Management
  • Stock Control
  • Split Bill
quick service in selectedepos.com
retail in selectedepos.com

EPOS systems allow you to scale your business to the next level with the bespoke tools. By selecting the right EPOS system, you as a retailer can always restock before you get even close to an out-of-stock situation, increase your sales by offering your products & services online, increase your retention rate and keep track of your loyal customer’s customs, take orders on the shop floor, or on your expo, and make changes in all of your accounts or independently.

  • Franchise Management
  • Loyalty Systems
  • Online Shop
  • Mobile Checkout
  • User-friendly
  • Stock Control
Not so sure what is what!?
Complete guide to EPOS systems
Make informed decisions

Never Queue with NeverQ

A cutting-edge app

Safety First

Ensure a safe experience for everyone. Health before wealth.

Stay Compliant

Run table service. Collect customer data using QR code.

New Channels

Set up drive-thru service. Make the most of collection service.

Extended Outreach

Let your customers order beforehand. Make each customer count.

Keep Distance

Help customers place their orders from their tables.

Customer Retention

Keep your clientele around by keeping them safe and satisfied.

Developed for the new lifestyle
Make your restaurants and cafés resilient
after lock-down.
hamid selectedepos

 “One time our printer was acting up. We had to call the support team. They guided us through straight away. Turns out something got caught in the printer… It’s now the beating heart of my venue.”

denny selectedepos
Denny Vermiglio
Hixon Green

“The portability that Eposense has got is amazing. I’m really happy about taking my tablets upstairs, downstairs, doing stock counting… Simply put, Eposense is a system that meets our customers and staff’s expectations.”

steve selectedepos
The Venue Beach Bar

“It’s the Ultimate EPOS! Not only did it help me with Allergens and Dietary options, it grew with my business when opening multiple sections of the venue with menus that were completely different to each other.”

yaser selectedepos
Good Burger Kitchen

“Eposense is a Game Changer. It completely connects my front of house with all my delivery systems, like just eat and deliveroo, enabling me to focus on the food and customer service.”

robert selectedepos
Robert Maynard
Wild Flor

“The support was excellent. The response and service on the support side of things was amazing. It was very fast from digital things, development things through to support with physical device breaking.”

monika selectedepos
Monika Staroszczyk

 “It  is pretty easy and friendly to use…it’s really helpful. Tablets are really good because you can be really close to customer, take orders at the same time send back to the kitchen.”

Exceptional experience with Selected Epos that has truly transformed our operations at Hixon Green Restaurant. Their cutting-edge technology and unparalleled support have elevated our business. Highly recommended.

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