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The EPOS System for Coffee Shops that lets your staff work as a team

A café is as much about the drinks as it is about the customer experience which itself is a result of teamwork. Our EPOS system for coffee shops helps your team to focus and perform seamlessly to create mesmerising vibes for your patrons.

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cafe pos system
cafe pos system

Become the first and the last destination of your guests


Getting customers through the door is easy, retaining them is hard. With our EPOS system in place, keep them coming back by an in-built loyalty tool.

1 Offer personalised services to your customers
2 Entice your clientele with special gift cards and discounts
3 Collect customer contact details to promote smartly
4 Know your most loyal clientele to reward

Help your staff members focus on what really matters; the customers


Your staff shouldn’t linger on learning how to deal with an EPOS system. Your employees with different tech knowledge will master the EPOS system we have selected for coffee shops.

1 Speed up your operations, which means more sales
2 Don’t let an error in your coffee shop from placing an order to cashing-out
3 No more frustrated baristas/coffee shop assistants
4 Cut down on your queues with an easy-to-use EPOS software
cafe pos system
cafe pos system

Your floor plan makes clientele love or hate your business. Take it seriously!


Remember the importance of customer experience?! Here you go. Floor plan, especially in coffee shops, is another phrase for customer experience.

1 Make changes on your screen before you do on your premises
2 Change your visual plan according to the actual changes
3 Assign each order to its respective table
4 Keep track of your services to patrons from when they are seated to check-out
Want to dig dipper on how our selection of EPOS solutions can benefit your coffee shop?

Let your customers place their orders from wherever they are


Leave your customers’ options wide open to enjoy your items while sitting on their rocking chair at home or on a booth at your premises.

1 Run online ordering service
2 Make the most of table service tools
3 Reach patrons at their homes
4 Have all the order logs and transactions connected to your EPOS system
cafe pos system

Keep eyes on all inventory items from disposable paper cups to tea bags


With a well Selected EPOS system for coffee shops, keep yourself informed on your inventory. Stock-take is now done right on the very point of sale, easier than ever.

1 Remain informed of your stock levels
2 Keep track your wastage
3 Ensure you always have your products especially the best-selling ones in stock
4 Set alarms to know when an item is about to run out
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