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Grow your retail business to its full potential

Retail is all about customer data, the online and offline shopping experience. Maximise your turnover by collecting the right data to sell to the right people. All the data is in one place.

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Sell more on & offline to more people through more channels


Going omnichannel is not an option anymore, it’s a necessity. By deploying more sale channels, make more money.

1 Connect your own e-shop to your EPOS
2 Sell on the go with mobile checkouts
3 Easily sync your online and offline sales with your stock
4 Leave your shoppers’ options wide open, boosting their satisfaction

Have all the inventory related data in your device


You can’t have the right growth plan if you don’t have the right data. By the use of an EPOS system, simply gather all the data you need at the very point of sale.

1 Never experience a stock-out nor an overstock
2 Make informed decisions based on sale reports
3 Spot your best-selling products
4 Easily change price tags

Don’t let your one-time shoppers slip away


Loyal shoppers are a reliable source of income. Your rivals would love to have them. Don’t give them the chance.

1 Make changes in all of your accounts all together or independently
2 Run discounts and special offers to entice your shoppers
3 Create a repeat customer base
4 Send relevant content and promotions directly to your shoppers
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Take your EPOS system with you anywhere and start selling


Don’t lose a sale just because your POS is back at your brick-and-mortar location. Make every chance count and add to your bottom line.

1 Set up pop-up stores and sell as efficiently
2 Makes sales on expo
3 Log in and out from anywhere
4 Never lose your vital data, storing it in the Cloud

Expand without worrying about managing all of your locations


It’s almost impossible to keep up with and manage all your locations sprawled out. Get them in order by putting them into a single back-office.

1 Put you shoppers’ data across your locations creating a seamless customer experience
2 Change and manage prices for all of your locations
3 Gather all the sales data in your back-office
4 Run and compare reports to see how your locations are doing
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