Rebuild your café or restaurant after lock-down with NeverQ

It is an online ordering app that helps keep your business alive, kicking and viable in the post-lockdown era.

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Keep everyone safe while adding to your current sales options


Make the most of trending services to let your clientele or dinners enjoy your services with peace of mind.

1Eliminate customer-staff contact
2Accept mobile and web orders for pick-up
3Set up drive-thru
4Let customers order at their table

Stay compliant to the new regulations regarding your venue


Let new technology collect the data required by the UK government. It’s much easier.

1 Collect necessary information of each and every customer
2 Act according to Governmental Guidelines
3 Adhere to data protection laws

Cut costs and let your income exceeds your expectations


Increase your bottom line by keeping your mid-line and overheads low.

1 Super-fast turnaround
2 No monthly fee or any additional overhead
3 Use NeverQ dashboard to increase order value
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Work on your online marketing to double your sales


Manage all your communications with your customers through an intuitive app.

1 Streamline your online processes
2 Easily communicate promotional deals, events, and special occasions
3 Use robust reports to plan and expand your marketing strategy
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