Focus on experience with a sleek EPOS System for Restaurants

From the food and drinks, through to the environment is what makes a customer come back. In order to focus on them, you need an EPOS system for restaurants and fine dining.

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epos system for restaurant
epos system for restaurant

Manage all your floors, tables and orders from your screen


Try different floor plans on your EPOS system to create the most delightful environment.

1Make changes on your screen before you do on your premises
2Change your visual plan according to the actual changes
3Assign each order to its respective table
4Keep track of your services to the diners from start to check-out

Give your dinners and employees a happy time at the counter


Create a smooth and seamless flow of service with a user-friendly EPOS system for restaurants.

1Shorten your queues
2Reduce the training time
3Reduce customer’s frustration waiting in the queue
4Get rid of the headache for your servers with a plain app
epos system for restaurant
epos system for restaurant

Connect kitchen to your front of house by a kitchen screen


Takeaway and delivery are all about speed. An EPOS system with a kitchen screen takes care of that.

1Accelerate the process of taking and preparing orders
2Work on multiple orders at the same time
3Set waiting time for each order to prioritise accordingly
4Improve on the small mistakes to create the best experience possible
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Keep eyes on all inventory items


With a well Selected EPOS system for coffee shops, keep yourself informed on your inventory. Stock-take is now done right at the very point of sale, easier than ever.

1Remain informed of your stock levels
2Keep track of your wastage
3Ensure you always have your products especially the best-selling ones in stock
4Set alarms to know when an item is about to run out
epos system for restaurant
epos system for restaurant

Who doesn’t love repeat diners?!


Make the most of our EPOS system tuned for fine-dining to develop your repeat customer base.

1Monitor your customer base
2Give special offers and advertise purposefully
3Market directly to your customer’s phones. Fully GDPR compliant
4Connected to your EPOS software and website

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