Deliver fast, friendly and correctly with a Quick Service EPOS System

From a small local fast food to a franchise, all quick services need an EPOS system to operate quickly and efficiently.

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Deal with piles of orders from start to finish quickly


Quick service does not do customers any good if it is not quick. Speed up your operation while maintaining the quality.

1Park orders if needed
2Just a few taps to enter, change and even cancel orders
3Leave your customers payment options open
4Split bill by price or item

Live up to your customers’ expectations


Employ an EPOS system to know your selling points. Your customers’ behaviours keep changing. Keep track of their buying patterns.

1Run an integrated loyalty system to keep your customers enticed
2Find your most popular dishes to focus on
3Run marketing campaigns directly to your customers
4Give out rewards based on purchases
quick service epos restaurant
quick service epos restaurant

Boost the takeaway side of your quick service


Takeaway and delivery is a trending sale channel, especially for fast food and quick-service restaurants.

1Ensure drivers are working as effectively as possible
2Help your delivery team pick the correct route
3Integration with third-party delivery services such as Deliveroo and Just Eat
4Accept online orders with integration to your own website
Want to dig dipper on how our selection of EPOS solutions can benefit your quick service venue?

Know your quick service venue inside out


Detailed reports and various data about any aspect of your business results in better decisions.

1Enable low-stock alerts on your inventory items
2Have full reports on your staff performance
3View your business growth over a certain period of time
4Collect customer data for marketing purposes
quick service epos restaurant
quick service epos restaurant

Become a franchise with a reliable system


If you want to grow you need a scalable epos system that grows with you.

1Oversee your entire franchise in the management dashboard
2Have full control with back-office tools
3Make changes in all of your accounts or independently
4Run reports to see which location is doing better
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