Leave all your hassles to CES EPOS System

CES EPOS offers complete control over your business, from accounting and inventory management, through to the final sale.

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Bookings & Reservations


Make booking and reservation an easy process for your customers and your staff.

1 Easily enter client details
2 Apply split bills
3 Insert charge sheets
4 Make the most of table planner

Ultimate Customisation


Have your POS tailored according to your needs and preferences.

1 On-screen customization
2 Use different modules
3 Get rid of what you don’t need
4 Enjoy the functions you actually want

Business Analytics


Operate from anywhere in the world to your full potentials with cloud-based intelligence.

1 See business performance
2 Make inventory changes
3 Run a variety of reports
4 Monitor employee activity
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3rd Party Integration


Link your POS to your other services, app, and even hardware components. Integrate your EPOS with industry-standard apps.

1 Chip & PIN integration
2 Links to hotel
3 Loyalty schemes
4 Manage everything in one place

Various modules


Create a completely bespoke system that is right for your business. The below items are a few modules available.

1 Stock control
2 Account
3 Cash rounding
4 Wholesales links

Versatile EPOS


Pick up hardware and you are good to go. CES software can run on various platforms.

1 Completely hardware-independent
2 Just plug and play your devices
3 Cut costs on expensive peripherals
4 Don’t get stuck with few hardware options
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