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 “ It is pretty easy and friendly to use…it’s really helpful. Tablets are really good because you can be really close to customer, take orders at the same time send back to the kitchen. ”

Inspired by Punjab, ZAMA restaurant opened on February 22nd, 2019 in Hove. It was started with the goal of bringing Punjabi flavours and spices to Brighton as Monika Staroszczyk, the manager of ZAMA, notes. With authentic food and a Panjubi chef, they now make it easier for the locals to have a taste of Indian spicy food without having to travel. They treat every single guest as a family member or a friend.

One thing was very clear in the beginning. They were a new player with high risk or so-called a venture, and they faced types of a problem every new business would; management. They found a solution, too: technology. They decided to trust Eposense at the very beginning days.

Monika Staroszczyk: “[Eposense] is pretty easy and friendly to use…it’s really helpful.”

It was vital for ZAMA to make the interaction between the kitchen staff and waiting staff as fool-proof, smooth and quick as possible. So they needed an EPOS software that would let them use it on various platforms and operating systems. Therefore, they picked three devices, one touch screen terminal for the counter and two tablets. This way they could set up an airtight real-time communication between all staff members.

ZAMA manager: “Tablets are really good because you can be really close to customer, take orders at the same time send back to the kitchen.”

Serving Indian food requires experienced chefs with incredible recipes as Indian food contains a vast array of spices both whole and ground, which are usually combined to make complex spice mixes. The result is expectedly otherworldly. Fortunately, ZAMA had a great chef with brilliant recipes. But what if he called in sick one day or just they hired new a commis chef who needed some extra training. In these cases, they would need a system to let them have a glance at recipes. Luckily, having had Eposense software in place, they could now create recipe cards that display all ingredients with a step-by-step breakdown of any food preparation.

Monika: “We give very clear information for the boys in the kitchen, which makes staff’s life easier.”

Not long after opening, and pretty much similar to other businesses in the hospitality sector, ZAMA felt the need to quickly input and display allergens and make all the changes they wanted in the blink of an eye. At the same time, clarity was so as crucial. Eposense ended their concerns in those areas. ZAMA trusted Eposense software solutions to grow their newly-established Punjabi eatery, getting closer to its goal.

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Denny Vermiglio
Hixon Green

 “ The portability that Eposense has got is amazing. I’m really happy about taking my tablets upstairs, downstairs, doing stock counting… Simply put, Eposense is a system that meets our customers and staff’s expectations. ”

As mentioned by themselves, Hixon Green is a “New York inspired space” in Brighton & Hove. It’s been a couple of years now since the versatile hospitality venue started out, functioning as a restaurant, a café, a wine bar or even a delightful spot for social outings. They opened on October 26, 2017. With a fun, outgoing and friendly team, Hixon Green has been the host to the neighbourhood for morning outings through to evening events. Or as they like to put it, they serve food and drink all day. They start with great coffee and a quality brunch offering, moving to lunch and evening menus, complimented by a super wine list and cocktails.

This relaxing two-story place with a big glass window upstairs over Church Road in Hove, has a space for up to 50 guests with 35 seats.  That makes it the perfect place for birthday parties, anniversaries, business meetings or get-together with friends. Besides, the main front of the house is on the ground floor. Not to mention that the inventory has a room for itself. The separate rooms are what drove Denny Vermiglio – the manager of Hixon Green – to look for an extra hand to help him with running the venue. And that is how they found Eposense EPOS system.

It didn’t take even a month for them to see the benefits of the system. They liked how it benefited them in various matters ranging from tracking the staff performance through to stock-taking. This is what Denny found really helpful in Eposense point of sale system.

Denny Vermiglio: “The portability that Eposense has got is amazing. I’m really happy about taking my tablets upstairs, downstairs, doing stock counting.”

In addition to stock counting, this portability helped with other things too. The entire team, for example, could now stay connected and catch up on the latest changes, be it in the ordering process or even the menu items.  Therefore, it’s safe to say that they needed a type of system in which they could take action in one place and see the result somewhere else. That is another benefit of portability. However, this portability wouldn’t be worth much if they didn’t make the most of the Tablets coming with the Eposense EPOS system.

Denny Vermiglio:  “I just make a change on one tablet and I’m able to see on another tablet. Everything is connected and it works instantly.”

One of the brilliant features which is more often than not overlooked by many business owners is the offline mode on the EPOS systems. Fortunately, Denny wasn’t one of them. He saw the value it added to this business. Struck by the offline mode, he realized that their operation wouldn’t be hindered when their internet connection wasn’t taking it easy on them.

Denny Vermiglio: “Even if I don’t have any internet connection, Eposense works offline.”

Another challenge Denny was facing was streamlining the waiters’ operating and also keeping the track of their work. Because then he could spot the problem and make it right. This would be a great gift even for the waiters as they wouldn’t have to wrack their brains to remember the whole process. All the data about any order would stay on their tablets forever. Just see how Denny admired this perk.

Denny Vermiglio: “I really like the fact that they can keep tracks of my waiters’ ordering. When something goes wrong, it will be easier to tell them where they made a mistake and what they can improve.”

Hixon Green is now on the fast track to becoming one of the cosiest and go-to places for business gatherings, friendly hangouts and brunch dates in Brighton and Hove. Undoubtedly, they owe the success to their relentless efforts and smart decisions in order to live up to their clientele’s expectations while making their staff’s lives easier at the same time.

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Robert Maynard
Wild Flor

 “ The support was excellent. The response and service on the support side of things was amazing. It was very fast from digital things, development things through to support with physical device breaking. ”

Started by a little but ambitious and aspiring team, Wild Flor was opened in spring 2019 in Hove. It is a bistro-style wine restaurant that made its way into the Michelin and Good Food Guides. It is run by an experienced capable team that are super enthusiastic about what they do. They want to bring all they love about dining to the neighbourhood – Hove.

They were new in the neighbourhood. But this brilliant team dreamed big. Having already had a pretty cosy hall, they started thinking of a dedicated private dining room upstairs. After several months, all the job was done and a private, and even a cosier room came to life to welcome special guests on their events and occasions.

But with guests seated both downstairs and upstairs, it can get quite busy on both floors. Having seen it coming miles away, the team Wild Flor needed a sort of management system that could handle all the heavy workload smoothly. Plus it was crucial to Robert Maynard, a Co-owner of Wild Flor, to have a system in place that delivered exactly what mattered to their business. That was the first reason why they picked Eposense – an EPOS system that we offer. The bottom line: It wasn’t just more of the same EPOS software in the UK.

Robert Maynard: “[Eposense] delivers the functions that you require … a lot of time a lot of those systems are overbearing.”

In spite of the amazing features that let them deal with their actual problems, they needed speed, too. Now it is where user-friendliness pulled its weight. Simplicity simply means speed. That was the second most important feature for the Wild Flor team. They needed to be able to change everything quickly so that they had time to cater and serve their guests really well.

Robert: “Changing product is very simple, very easy and extremely quick. You can do it in less than ten seconds. When you have it up and running on the till … when I forget to change buttons and I need to change them mid-service, it’s very easy and very quick.”

The third concern was support. Since they were new players and had manifold expenses coming up, they didn’t want to add any more to it by having to replace a broken system due to a lack of decent support. On the other hand, broken software or hardware might be an irritating spanner in the works. Therefore, fast and superb support could help them get back on their feet when a glitch tried to ruin the day. With Eposense they found the support they needed. As Robert said they had to use support when they first used the system.

Robert: “The support was excellent. The response and service on the support side of things was amazing. It was very fast from digital things, development things through to support with physical device breaking.”

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 “ One time our printer was acting up. We had to call the support team. They guided us through straight away. Turns out something got caught in the printer… It’s now the beating heart of my venue. ”

Shaliz was opened to infuse the taste of Persian dishes into Brighton. With traditional homemade Persian food and the proverbial Iranian hospitality, they host locals of any ethnic group. Persian dishes are made out of plenty of foodstuffs. Therefore it was difficult for them to go through every single order to find out how much of each ingredient they have used. On the other hand, it was a family business. That, per se, explains why they were understaffed and in need of extra help in first steps of their journey. This however wasn’t the end of their challenges. There were more to come. All these challenges and their own attempts to find a unique solution to get rid of them all for good led them to Eposense EPOS system – a management system fine-tuned for their type of business.

One of the hassles in a restaurant especially for fine-dining types is the connection between cashiers, waiting staff and kitchen staff. Having the looks of fine-dining, Shaliz had to deal with the same problem. Eposense EPOS system helped them with its tablets.

Hamid – the owner of Shaliz: “Before we had to jot down the orders and take it to the kitchen. But now kitchen staff can instantly see the orders and start preparing.”

When they initially started considering the options for an EPOS system, their number one concern was the price as they were on a budget. They didn’t want to lose a huge amount. However, they didn’t want to buy a system just because it was cheap either. They were looking for the best possible deal which was both economical and of high quality. Besides, they didn’t want to invest in iPads as they were more like splashing out than investing in. When they found out that Eposense EPOS system supported all devices and operating systems, they looked no further.

Hamid: “We could save a lot of money because we didn’t have to spend a lot on iPads.”

As their restaurant gained more visitors, they had to use their systems non-stop. This caused damages to devices from time to time. Besides, they were not tech geeks and probably made mistakes somewhere. That is why they reported their systems were acting up or had glitches on rare occasions. Nevertheless, they weren’t worried whatsoever because they knew they could demand support at any time of the day and week.

Hamid: “One time our printer was acting up. We had to call the support team. They guided us through straight away. Turns out something got caught in the printer.”

While not-so-successful at first, they managed to pull through the start-up challenges. Now, through wise choices and sound judgments, they achieved what they wanted and are now infusing the Persian taste into Brighton.

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