Revolutionise Your Entire Hospitality With Eposense® POS

No EPOS solution compares to Eposense® EPOS software in terms of being user-friendly and multi-platform. Not to mention that their solution proves to be the most economical deal in the market.

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Cashless Payment


Equip your business with a versatile POS in order to take all payment method your customers wish to use.

1 Debit or Credit Cards
2 Chip & Pin (EMV)
3 PayPal, Apple or Google Pay
4 Mobile payment (NFC)
5Totally PCI Compliant

Online Ordering


Set up your own website in order to Increase your sales channels while benefiting from integrations with your EPOS.

1 Reduce the number of telephone orders
2 Accept credit card or online payments
3 Integrate with Kitchen Order Management and Dispatch
4 Keep customers informed with tracking
5 Integrate with Loyalty Scheme

Web-based Technology


EPOSENSE® is a web-based software, which means it is quick, easy to use, and accessible from any Internet device.

1 Upload and download your data conveniently
2 Access your back office from anywhere
3 Keep your business safe from data loss
4 Use Eposense® offline mode to keep your operation going
5 Enjoy cloud servers, live reporting, and remote networked devices
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Caller ID


Link your phone line to your EPOS system to easily identify regular customers.

1 Make the most of personal Approach
2 Add specific customer notes
3 Record and recall your customers’ past orders
4 Speed up orders & provide accurate delivery information
5 Reduce errors while increasing profits

Allergen Alerts


Display an Allergen Alert pop-up card for any dishes that include any of the 14 Allergens.

1 Group different items using vegan, gluten or dairy-free tags
2 Stay compliant with the law regarding allergens
3 Provide a constantly updated menu
4 Quick and easy access to allergen information
5 Label takeaway meals clearly as allergens

Timed Menus


Streamline your timed menus. Regardless of your business type, you can make the most of these features.

1 Automate your menus
2 Sell the right items at the right time
3 Match advertised online or in-person deals
4 Get your staff rid of calculating discounts
5 You can override the timed deals as the supervisor
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