Full potential service and impressive vibes by an EPOS System

Get the best out of your staff by equipping them with an easy-to-use and comprehensive EPOS system. Diners are looking for next-level service. Be the one they wish to dine at.

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full service epos restaurant
full service epos restaurant

Ensure better customer experience at the point of sale


When the queues are cut down and the payment is faster, you customers will leave your store happier.

1Split bills by either price or items
2Shorten your queues
3Remove the customer frustration from a long queue
4Let customers pay the way they want

Using a well Selected EPOS system, take your kitchen staff to the front of house


Full service is all about offering a great experience. Faster speed adds to the great experience. A kitchen screen makes you fast. Yes, it’s that simple!

1Speed up the process of taking and preparing orders
2Work on multiple orders at the same time
3Prioritise orders and let waiting staff know when they are prepared
4Create a foolproof process to avoid any ordering mistake
full service epos restaurant
full service epos restaurant

Let diners book your tables with ease


A well Selected EPOS system integrated with a booking system, helps you go beyond a normal full service.

1Collect customer data
2Market directly to your diners
3Keep your customers informed about the status of their booking
4Promote your venue online, letting your audience book tables
Want to dig dipper on how our selection of EPOS solutions can benefit your full service restaurant?

Give your kitchen staff, especially prep cooks, a quick reminder


Get all of your recipes and allergens associated with your food and drinks so any kitchen staff can print off a recipe card to use on his products.

1Alert your staff and guests about any allergens
2Have a step-by-step breakdown of the preparation process of your specials
3Keep your food and drinks quality high and consistent
4Let your new staff members master drinks in the blink of an eye
full service epos restaurant
full service epos restaurant

Run your entire establishment at your fingertips


Make better-informed decisions with data gathered from your point of sale.

1View and compare various reports on your business growth
2Keep track of all ingredients used in each dish
3Know your best-selling courses & sides
4Know your highest-performing servers at upselling
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