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Hospitality Epos System Is Crucial For Your Business. Learn Why!

Hospitality Epos System Is Crucial For Your Business. Learn Why!
favicon selectedepos A hospitality EPOS system can turn your business around regardless of the type of business. It is easy to understand why they say a good hospitality Epos system is at the heart of any thriving hospitality business.

A hospitality EPOS system can turn your business around regardless of the type of business. It is easy to understand why they say a good hospitality Epos system is at the heart of any thriving hospitality business.

Many growing hospitality businesses around the UK as well as around the world are now switching to modern hospitality EPOS systems to help streamline and improve their businesses. For you to stay ahead of the game, it’s vital to go with the flow.

But not blindly.

Just like any other important business decision, you need to know why you should even consider buying a POS system.

The short answer is you need to have it in place because numerous problems lie within the hospitality sector and an EPOS system provides an all-in-one solution to overcome them all. But this is not all of it, there is far more to it.

Read on to learn about how hospitality EPOS systems do what they do and how they can help you.


Stock Management Made Easy

Many hospitality businesses with large or even small inventories are still using old-fashioned methods of stock-taking such as use of Excel spreadsheets or manual tracking with a checklist. Although they may seem cheaper at first, they will cost a fortune in the long-run. This is because they tend to grow inaccurate as your business grow, tumbling the first domino. After a while, your numbers won’t add up and you will be blindsided by the misleading data you have gathered. Here comes the snowball. It will then undermine your judgment on stock-related matters such as how much or when to purchase a particular item. This way the chances of facing overstock or stock-out increases.

How hospitality EPOS helps:

Hospitality EPOS systems provide precise information you need to avoid the implications above. They simply let you know exactly how much of each item you have left after each sale, making it easy to order items when you’re running low. However, EPOS software solutions vary in terms of accuracy as they use different methods of item tracking, focusing on different areas of your business. For example, some  hospitality EPOS systems just tell you how many dishes of Ratatouille have been sold, while some others will give full details of how much of each individual ingredients such as aubergine, garlic, courgette were used in those dishes.


Stay Up-to-Date

It is no longer a secret that adaptation is vital for success. Businesses however, tend to stay in their safe zone with their outdated systems. These systems mostly work on one particular type of hardware and if the provider fails to meet the trending needs of your hospitality business, they could be rightfully labeled as outdated. But they are not the only ones that take a hit. You will also be doomed to get blown out of the water by the competition as you can’t meet the needs of your customers. Furthermore, it will be more costly to carry out maintenance in the long run. So, how are you going to tackle it but through the use of an up-to-date, yet more importantly, a scalable and compatible hospitality EPOS system?

How hospitality EPOS helps:

Well, this highly depends on the manufacturer’s policies. They are the ones who make the software after all. This however shouldn’t prevent you from browsing the market to find the best deal with the features you require. Make sure you purchase a system that takes into consideration a variety of devices. For example, if you get a hospitality EPOS that support all types of printers, then you won’t have to replace the whole system due to a broken printer. It is not just the hardware, though. A good hospitality EPOS software would work on any device and operating system, making it easy to switch between different platforms, if need be.


Go Smart with Payments

Just think of the word “payment“ in a restaurant, bar, café, etc. What first pops into our heads is frustration. The second is the long queue causing the frustration. Not to mention the probable mistakes occurring in the middle of peak times which only adds to that frustration. If these are not problems, then what is? One of the best ways to remove these really irritating hurdles out of the way is to acquire a system that streamlines the payment process and even transforms it into something never implemented before. A sophisticated hospitality EPOS system acknowledges all problems arising out of an insufficient payment method and tries to remove them.


How hospitality EPOS helps:

The unique help you can get from an EPOS system is various payment options. For instance, if you are a takeaway, you most certainly wish for a system that lets you receive a paid reservation, which is possible thanks to hospitality EPOS systems. This way your customers place their orders and pay online. Other methods include contactless payments, swipe and chip cards. These new, extremely sufficient payment options accelerate payments, making buying from you a seamless and smooth experience.

Transforming the Ordering Process

In hospitality businesses, mostly fine-dining eateries, orders are typically taken from the customers either by their tables or the counter. Then, these written orders on small pieces of paper go to the kitchen to get prepared. This may cause countless unwanted errors from illegible handwriting to a spilled milk all over an order pad. Besides, customers may change their minds and switch from Persian caviar to something that wouldn’t make them go broke. Even cancellation in any hospitality business is normal, if not often. All of these issues can be overcome by using a simpler yet smarter way of taking orders. This is where hospitality EPOS systems come along and say hello.


How hospitality EPOS helps:

In short, hospitality EPOS systems help by automating and doing everything on a real-time basis. When the waiting staff put the order into the software, it will automatically go to the kitchen (in case of a restaurant or a similar businesses) for preparation.  When it is finished, the front house staff are notified so that they can take the dish back out to the customer. These little digital notes are so called tickets. Another way of taking orders, which is now getting more attention, is done by the customer from their seat. It’s called table ordering or mobile ordering.  The main idea of having different options for payment, which could come to life only by the use of hospitality EPOS systems, is to make the experience more enjoyable for your customers, increasing the chance of turning more one-timers to regulars.



To sum up

Hospitality EPOS software is a win-win deal for all parties involved from customers through to servers, and to business owners. As one of the two major target markets of EPOS systems, the hospitality sector is well catered for by EPOS providers. All the features are built in the software, which helps deliver a faster service, gain better data, and have happier customers, making it an essential element in a hospitality business. EPOS is a trump card. This is the reason why more and more of your competitors are inclined to equip themselves with it. Also, and obvious, the latest versions of hospitality systems are developed with the needs of the new era in mind.  So make sure you find the best and the latest deals!


If you’re interested in a hospitality EPOS system for your premises, get in touch. Let us know what type of business and tell us your needs and we will provide you with an EPOS system that works best for YOU!


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