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All the Questions You Need To Ask About Coffee Shop EPOS System

All the Questions You Need To Ask About Coffee Shop EPOS System
favicon selectedepos Managing a coffee shop is hard. You could use a handy system to help you during busy hours. Quick turnover is essential for maximizing your profits. A good EPOS system will play a huge role in running your business as efficiently as possible.

Managing a coffee shop is hard. You could use a handy system to help you during busy hours.

Quick turnover is essential for maximizing your profits. A good EPOS system will play a huge role in running your business as efficiently as possible. You’ve got good ideas but without EPOS software, it can be hard to operate the way you had dreamed. EPOS software should be easy to use for everyone.

That being said, you should choose EPOS for coffee shop after conducting enough research about the different companies that supply this system.

It should be able to manage your margins, provide you with information about who has been on the till and what actions have been done, and provide you with various product sales reports. Choosing a decent EPOS for coffee shop can be challenging. This article contains key questions you must ask yourself before buying an EPOS system. So stay tuned.


Does it Support Combo Orders?

Almost everyone enjoys something sweet with their coffee. Offering special combo deals is a smart move. Look for EPOS software that lets you sell 2 or more products together. Get feedback from your customers so you can make a plan to offer the combos they desire. You can get what you want by knowing what everyone wants. If you want to raise your sales, you must know which products are your customers’ favourite. This way, not only do they get what they want, but they will also remember your coffee shop’s name and would most likely tell their friends about it.

Does it Provide Customer Displays?

If your customers pay at a counter, this display screen can be really beneficial. Firstly, it would be easier for you to display promotions or special offers. Secondly, customers can put in their orders themselves thus reducing the chances of any errors. Some customers may like these screens and others might prefer to be hands-off and let you take the orders.

Does it Have Dining Options?

Eat-in or takeaway. If your system could set these two dining options, it would be very useful regarding product pricing and packaging. Baristas have a lot of orders to prep, so EPOS software can help them speed up the process. Dining options will let them know which kind of cup or container they should use for every order.

A neat idea would be writing short but genuine message on the takeaway containers. Tiny details matter all the time.

Does it Support Loyalty Programmes?

The coffee shop business is very competitive. This means you must have a unique quality that makes you stand out from other coffee shops in the area. You deal with a lot of customers on a daily basis, but what can you do to make them come back for more?

Let them know you appreciate them. The feeling you generate in your customers will last a long time.

EPOS software will help you set loyalty programmes. You can send out messages on special holidays, birthdays and etc. Remind them of your special weekend offers. But remember to be smart about this. You don’t want to annoy your customers by sending too many messages.

If you need help regarding this matter, you can ask an expert to see what kind of messages would have the most effect on your customers.


Does it Fit in Seamlessly?

Your baristas need to focus on mastering their skills in making the best coffee for your costumers, not struggling to figure out what to do around an EPOS software. Also, you need to be able to seamlessly manage your business through a single dashboard, always hand-in-hand, anywhere on any device for unlimited users.

Save time, cut costs and expand your business with EPOS.


Is It Fast Enough?

Costumers are yelling and ordering stuff left and right, and all you’re thinking about is how you can manage the work in the shortest time and the most efficient way, am I right? So we can agree on one thing, the speed of EPOS software is a critical matter for coffee shops.

The fastest software alive, EPOS has arrived.


Does it Offer All the App Integrations You Might Need?

Your POS is the heart of your coffee shop’s operating system, which means integrating with other technology to automate as many processes as possible is vital. Having everything in one place decreases faults in manual entry, reduces training time, and makes it easier to see the whole picture.


Does it Have Analytical Capabilities?

Your costumer’s behaviour has a pattern that you must be able to figure out. Once you see everything in full details, it will be much easier to make further decisions and protect your business. If there are any issues that are hurting your business, you must be able to eliminate them, and in order to do so, you can’t be flying blind. Let EPOS software be your eyes and ears everywhere. Do tons of research about EPOS for coffee shop and buy one that suits your needs.

Can Costumers Customize their Orders?

Not everyone can or even enjoy having a big meal portion. Also, when people face a series of options, they’ll feel more comfortable. You need EPOS software that is different from any other. Knowing about your customers ‘ needs, likes and dislikes can help you expand your products and ultimately your business. So if you think about it, it’s a win-win.

Does it Offer Marketing Features?

Are you one of those boring coffee shops with fixed prices at all times, the one that never puts out any special discounts or offers?

No, you don’t want to fall into this category. You want to grab your costumers, just grab them and keep them coming for more. The best EPOS software is the one that can help you with this. Always think big enough to impress everyone, including yourself. Don’t be stingy, a great businessman knows that in order to make an omelet you have to break a few eggs. Ok, sometimes more than a few, but it’ll be worth it.

Does it Support Different Payment Methods?

Alright, let’s be real. When you offer several payment methods, customers can pay faster and get on with their life. We live in a world that everybody is always busy and running from one location to another. So, if they can’t pay for their order the way they like, they will be frustrated. And then, the first question that pops in their mind is that why doesn’t this coffee shop accept this credit card?

Always give people multiple options.


Extra Tips:

Make sure the support team is available at all times

You must always have a plan B. let’s say you bought an excellent EPOS system. It is a system after all, so it can malfunction sometimes. If and when this happens, you are going to need a support team to help you get everything in order again. Time is key here, you don’t have several hours to wait for an email response.

Cloud-based EPOS software can be tricky to work with. The basic functionality is not that complicated, however, it’s good to know that there are experts available when it comes to details. A sign of a professional company is that they offer training sessions from the start.

Some features of EPOS for coffee shop are pretty self-explanatory but some of it may be confusing for some people.

Choose the Small size

Coffee shops have small spaces, so you should choose an EPOS system that doesn’t take up too much space on your counter. You should use your space to display samples of your menu. As customers are waiting to pay their fee, they start to look around and notice the yummy looking cakes, muffins, pastry and etc. In order to be creative, you must put yourself in your customers’ shoes.

What would catch your eye at the checkout counter?

Offline Mode

Any system can be overwhelmed during busy hours. Say you have a short amount of time to serve a majority of your customers. More customers mean more pressure on your network. Offline mode can be very beneficial at these moments. The speed of your internet should not affect the speed of EPOS software.

Think of the future of your business

You don’t want to have just one store forever, right? You need to make sure you choose an EPOS system that enables you to handle multiple branches with a single account.

We’re not saying that you should spend a lot of money when buying an EPOS for coffee shop. Figure out your budget and choose the most suitable EPOS software for your business.

If you want to be successful you should not think small. Sure, now you have only one coffee shop to run, but when you have enough money to open another store, maybe it would be best to update your EPOS system as well. You are going to be dealing with a lot more issues, so make the smart decision at the right moment.