Kitchen Screen


Eposense covers every aspect of your operation, including kitchen management. 

Orders taken by your front of house staff get sent to a kitchen screen. 

Here, new orders are displayed on the left-hand side of the screen.  Each order comes with a timer. These timers help your staff prioritise accordingly by being able to quickly identify which orders have been waiting for the longest.  If an order has been waiting for longer than it should, the circle icon will change from green to red to let your staff know about any delays. 

We can select an order and tap the Start button to let the kitchen staff know a specific order is being prepared.  Chefs can tick each item off individually to show the head chef which items are missing from any order. 

Eposense can also let your staff know whenever an order is ready for dispatch by prompting an audio cue whenever an order is finished. 

Additionally, Eposense includes a Head Chef screen, which can become handy whenever things get really busy.  Here, the head chef can see a breakdown of all individual items being prepared in the kitchen at any given moment, making even the most complicated operation easy. 


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