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Online Ordering

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Selected Epos modern, state of the art EPOS system is perfect for any hospitality or retail environment. Our adaptable solution allows you to completely customise your EPOS to your exact specification, creating a system perfect for your business needs.

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Membership Management

To make an increasing growth in this highly competitive industry, Selected Epos offers EPOS systems that empower your work routines with solutions that are bespoke to your business. As you know, speed is the secret of a successful bar. In addition to boosting your speed, an EPOS system helps your bar staff concentrate on serving drinks and interacting with one another easily. A well-Selected EPOS system will help make the control of your products an automatic process, get all of your recipes and allergens associated with your cocktails, keep recorded evidence of your cash drawer & Till use with a CCTV solution, and take control of your customer’s membership system..

We Will Offer You EPOS Systems Tailored To Your Needs

Why Choose a Selected EPOS System?

If you are in the hospitality, whether Quick Service, Fine Dining or just require a very bespoke EPOS software, we offer EPOS Systems with intelligent technology running your business, accessible from any internet device at any time is the perfect solution for you.
The system designs are based on innovative, connected and award-winning cloud software solutions for hospitality such as kitchen order management system, and driver tracking system. Here are just a few features that help you manage better and focus on growing.

User-friendly Interface

Easy use never fails. We only select the easiest-to-use EPOS systems on the market so that you can make any changes, become creative, personalise, and do many more quickly and easily. Reportedly it takes less than 16 seconds to make changes. Just plug it and play. Straightforward software makes it effortless to train your new staff, saving lots of time otherwise wasted. You could now use this time to focus on growing your business.

User-friendly Interface

Multiple Platform

It doesn’t matter what kind of operating system or device you are using. We have made sure that our handpicked EPOS software can work on all of the above including Android, IOS, MAC, Windows, tablet, PC, smartphone, laptops, etc. This way you can also add devices to your system, and yet grow more productive without any concern.


Cloud-based Capabilities

Selected EPOS is super selective when it comes to data. So, we only offer EPOS software solutions that are cloud-based. In plain English, everything you do on the system will be saved in a place where you can pick up where you left off. Plus, it means you can use the software from anywhere and anytime. Just pick up a tablet, laptop or mobile and make sales on-the-go.


In-depth Stock Control

You can see how many units of any item you have left and receive so many various reports about your inventory. Also, when you sell something, it will keep track of the sold items and automatically subtracts the right amount from your inventory. You will also be notified when you are running low on stock. If your stock runs out, your well selected EPOS software will automatically dim the item button to show it’s out of stock, preventing any ordering mistakes. The combination of these features will allow to constantly maintain an adequate stock while keeping tabs on daily materials used to calculate monthly income projections.


Kitchen Screen

With this service, you can view the priority and order contents of different tables and manage the synchronized delivery of the orders at a glance. The kitchen staff can also be promptly notified of cancellation or change of orders so that you don’t suffer any losses.


Loyalty & Membership Schemes

With EPOS systems we have selected, you can promote easily and smartly to make a repeat customer base. These promotions can be anything from discounts through to free add-ons. Also, you can specify special rewards for your loyal customers who visit you on a regular basis. Once again these rewards can be customised to suit your condition. Selected EPOS has already made sure that your EPOS software empowers you to create loyalty systems based on cards, apps, QR codes and online-based shops to ensure that your customer is encouraged to return on multiple occasions.


Comprehensive Table Management

One of the most intriguing features of the EPOS systems we have on offering is the management and layout of order tables. They allow you to manage your tables with ease and give you a full overview of your entire restaurant with a single tap. Additionally, you can edit the layout of your floor just as easily. You can also manage bookings by selecting the appropriate table. In addition, EPOS systems we have selected can also specify the order delivery priorities for the kitchen. Generally speaking, you can keep track of what’s happening with all bookings using an overview tab.


Delivery Management

Given the significant growth of the delivery businesses, more and more people watch your online shop and other ordering portals, making it essential to have delivery drivers. You can plan your shipping unit in your well selected Epos system by setting different conditions. You can also monitor all stages of transportation and specify the types of delivery for the orders based on different methods. With Driver tracking, you can now ensure the driver is working as effectively as possible, ensuring he always goes to your customer address and picks the correct paths.


Pricing Strategies

EPOS systems we offer, depending on your management plan, let you set different prices automatically with different conditions such as order type, order amount, order time and order delivery for specific occasions. For relevant businesses, you can preset happy hours or discount times. The system will then automatically adjust all the prices accordingly.


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With our Collected 30+ Years of Experience in the Industry

Monika Staroszczyk | Manager of ZAMA

It is pretty easy and friendly to use…it is really helpful… Tablets are really good because you can be really close to customer, take orders at the same time send back to the kitchen… We give very clear information for the boys in the kitchen, which makes staff’s life easier.

Robert Maynard | Co-owner of Wild Flor

It delivers the functions that you require … Changing product is very simple, very easy and extremely quick. You can do it in less than ten seconds … when I forget to change buttons and I need to change them mid-service, it’s very easy and very quick … The response and service on the support side of things was amazing. It was very fast from digital things, development things through to support with physical device breaking.

Oliver | Hixon Green

I Hope I’d found it Sooner … It completely streamlined my table management across floors and all of its bookings … And with the new branch being I’m now exploring the multi-site capabilities for reporting.

Steve | The Venue Beach Bar

It’s the Ultimate EPOS! Not only did it help me with Allergens and Dietary options, it grew with my business when opening multiple sections of the venue with menus that were completely different to each-other.

Yaser | Good Burger Kitchen

It is a Game Changer. It completely connects my front of house with all my delivery systems, like just eat and Deliveroo, enabling me to focus on the food and customer service.

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